Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Artefact search Explorer

I've rechecked the Artefact search skill at the top of the Explorer tree, and it seems to have greatly improved over what it initially was on test server. Enough so, such that you might consider setting up some explorers to give it a go.

However, a Artefact build itself wouldn't be all that interesting. While 'Artefact Search' lives under treasure searches in the explorers menu, it is not itself a treasure search for any of the skills that reference them. This means that there's only 1 other skill in the entire tree that benefits an explorer going out, and that's the codex level skill 'Pathfinder', that lowers search times for all searches by 5/10/15%.
An Artefact searcher needs to have a secondary goal. The most obvious thing that comes to mind is that sometimes there are events such as Christmas, where regardless of your build, you probably want all explorers to be out performing general treasure hunts for the extra goodies that come along with it. To that end, I'd propose a secondary goal of beefing up your extra long searches a bit.
As a lesser tertiary goal, you may of course also want to use as few of the expensive books as possible.

So, the build.

Working through from the bottom to the top.
5 Manuscripts anywhere in the bottom layer. 'Mountain boots' presents some relevance to the secondary goal, but you will be filling out the layer entirely anyway.

3 Tomes in 'Deforestation': Find 24% more exotic logs on very long searches. Good for the secondary goal, nothing bad about getting extra exo logs.
2 Manuscripts anywhere in the bottom layer.

3 Tomes in 'Sturdy Shovel': Find 9% more treasure on all treasure searches. Again, good for your extra long searches when you need them.
2 Manuscripts anywhere in the bottom layer.
Note, on this layer you might be tempted by Mistwalker, which increases your chances of getting Exo logs as loot from very long searches. But, if you're increasing the chances of getting exo logs, you're decreasing the chances of getting Granite to compensate, and you don't really want that.

2 Codex's in 'Pathfinder': Decreases the search time for all searches by 10%. Taking 10% off the search makes the rarity search take 10hours, 48minutes for a savage scout. I find this gives a small comfort window to be able to send the scout out twice a day. The third codex in the skill would offer an additional 36 minutes off the total if that would make timing better, but it's not going to allow a third run a day of course, so you can weigh up the third codex yourself.
3 Manuscripts in the remaining areas (or 2 if you've elected to push pathfinder to 3 books).

1 Codex in Travelling Erudite, to allow searching for buffs with 'Artefact Search'.

In the end it's 12 manuscripts, 6 tomes, 3 codex's (or 11 scripts, 6 tomes, 4 codex's depending on pathfinder). Assuming it's placed on a special explorer, he can go searching for buffs twice a day, and during events when you'll switch to running extra long treasure searches you will
> Take 19 hours, 39 minutes
> Find 24% extra exotic logs if that rolls up
> Find 9% extra treasure of all types.

I ran a sample of 30 searches, and here's what I received in the order I'd value the findings (and what the buffs do).
Bag of Rainbow Snow (4) - Quadruples a workyards output for 4 days, self only buff
Mr Myers (4) - Quadruples the production rate of your barracks for an hour.
Mother Tree  Ritual (3) - Triples a workyards output for 20 hours
Piero's bowl of Pasta (2) - Triples a workyards output for 8 hours
Roasted Duck (3) - Triples a workyards output for 4 hours
Helpful Scarecrow (2) - Triples a Farms output for 16 hours
Cheese sandwich (4) - +1 settler every 90 seconds for 15 minutes.
Aunt Irma's Gift Basket (3) - Doubles a workyards output for 6 hours
Solid Sandwich (3) - Doubles a workyards output for 2 hours
Fish Platter (1) - Doubles a workyards output for 30 minutes
Sandman's Powder (1) - Makes it dark on your island, no other effect.

Some of the more useful buffs appear to be coming up regularly enough to make the build seem useful and interesting.

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